10/40 Window to 4/14 Window

10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window Mission Strategy presented by Dr. Luis Bush in 1989 contributed to the groundbreaking advancement in world missions in the last 20 years. It was a strategy to focus evangelism efforts in regions of the world between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator where 90 percent of the population is non-Christian. As a result, the evangelization rate within the region doubled from 2.5% to 5% but did not reach the rate of population growth or growth of other religions such as Islam, and faced a great obstacle.


4/14 Window Movement Concept

“4/14 Window” is a term refering to the children between the ages of 4 and 14. The reason why they became the new focus of missions is first and foremost becausee their receptivity to the Gospel is higher than any other age group. This is supported by the statistics that 85% of adult Christians in the US accepted Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14. Secondly, their ability to pass on the Gospel is greater than any other age group, by means of SNS and other media.

The key concept of the 4/14 Window Movement is to advance world changes by not only considering them as objects of missions or Christian education, but rather to regrad them as the main agents of missions and revolution and as partners in missions, to reach, rescue, root and release them to missions fields.


The Birth of the 4/14 Window Movement

The 4/14 Window Movement was propelled by a meeting between Dr. Luis Bush and Rev. Nam Soo Kim in 2008, and was formally declared and launched in the first Global Summit Meeting held in Promise Church, hosting over 350 leaders from 65 countries during September 6 – 9 In 2009. Then, through the second summit in New York (2010), third summit in Singapore (2012), fourth summit in Bangkok (2013), and now preparing the fifth summit and conference in New York (October 2014), the movement is spreading like wildfire through various regions and nations across the world.

Among the differnet regions, special attention is brought to the Latin Americas where the 4/14 Window Movement is most actively spreading. Leading to this, Rev. Nam Soo Kim’s continued efforts in preaching ‘The Importance of Children’ to the leaders in almost all countries of Central and South America played a very important role, and through the soccer missions with a professional soccer team from Korea, Promise Church was able to spread the Gospel of the blood of Jesus to more than 150 million Latin children and youth within the last 5 years by inviting them and having fellowship in soccer matches and pre-game festivities in 23 cities in Central and South America.


Theological Approach to the 4/14 Window Movement

In February of 2013, the first ever 4/14 Window Missionology Conference was held In Hallelujah Church In Korea with over 120 Theologians and Youth Ministry Leaders from around the world. The focus of the conference to cast light on the special advatages that children under 15 as missions resource have, from a development psychology and mission theology perspective, and to encourage them to evangelize using the unique advantages this generation has, just like David’s smooth stones from the stream, rather than teaching them to imitate the mission style of the adults. In addition, the ethical aspect of regarding children as center of resource rather than the perimeter has been Included In consideration, and the importance of children, not as an isolated entity, but rather to respect them as a part of family, church, and society has been emphasized. Hereby, the 4/14 concept, which was born as a movement, emerged firmly as a global trend having theological and developmental psychological basis on a Biblical foundation.