Introducing our cell group ministry.

▶ Why do we split our church into cell groups?

If you look at our church as Noah’s ark, the cell group ministry can be seen as the lifeboats on the ship.  The greater church embodies the idea of ecclesia, the understanding of the gathering of saints that make up the church.  The cell group can be seen as the idea of diaspora or dispersement: that we bring the church to the communities where we live.  When we see a healthy balance of both gathering and dispersing, we can see the Lord’s command and commission be fulfilled as well as the development of a healthy church body.  This is why we have embraced a move from a pastoral centered ministry to a layman centered ministry.


▶ Districts and cell groups

Cell group ministry has grown to become the backbone of our church.  Our Queens ministry is divided into 14 districts, New Jersey into 5 districts, Manhattan has 1 district and Atlanta has 4.  Each one of these districts have 4-10 cell groups and each cell group has 4-10 people per group.  Each cell group meets once or twice a month.


▶ Cell Group Service

There are three main objectives of the cell group service:

1  The service is not a time for bible study, it is a time to share.  Each group examines the previous Sunday’s sermon and how it is to be applied to their lives.  From there, they discuss their responses and heart regarding the message and they spend time to share their prayer requests with each other.  After this, there is a time for corporate prayer.  In this time, they can experience the response and recovery and healing through their shared prayers.

2  Spiritual reproduction.  Anything that lives must grow.  A healthy cell group is like a rescue boat in their community so they must always remain open to outside participation.  Thus, we urge the members of the group to bring people from the outside in and pray for them together.  So, when someone who is being prayed for attends one day, the joy of seeing that one person should not belong to only one person, rather, the entire group can share in that joy.  The cell should feel like a festival on that day in celebration of the one they have prayed for being found by Christ!

3  Sponsoring needy children (see below).


▶ Sponsorship of Children

Theme:  Touch them TODAY, and it will change them forever!

Since 1999, we have begun a sponsorship program through our cell group ministry by supporting and praying for unfortunate children in Third World countries.  Many members of our church are first generation immigrants who have all experienced the extreme poverty and suffering our country went through after the Korean War.  In 2004, we had 2,300 people participating in this ministry.  Today, in 2014, our ministry has grown to support those who are suffering in a variety of countries including India and Bangladesh.  We are currently supporting 1,100 children in these countries.

Deut 24:19 states “When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.”  Around the world, please continue to support the children, to give them food, clothes and an education in order to raise leaders for the next generation.  This is God’s mandate and plan through our help.

(1) How can we become sponsors?
You can begin today by calling our church’s sponsorship department.  If you prefer, you can also send an email and we will get back to you with the information as soon as possible.  We are looking forward to receive your call!
* Phone#: 718-321-7800 Deacon Mikyung Lim

(2)  Can I choose a specific child to sponsor?
Yes.  You can specify by gender, age and country.  Please refer to the application for further details.

(3)  How much should I contribute and where does it go?
Sponsorship is $20 a month that will go directly to these areas:
* Education in a good school          * Food            * Medical expenses
* Safe living environment                * Books          * Clean clothes, and school supplies

(4)  How can we pay?
The basic plan is to pay $20 a month, however, you can also pay in a one time installment for either a 6 month or 1 year period.

a.  If you are a member of Promise Church

* You can during offering (Friday or Sunday service)

* You can mail your payment (Payable to FGNYC and on the memo line, please write “children sponsorship.”)

* Address:  Promise Church Sponsorship Dept.

130-30 31st Ave, Flushing, NY 11354

* You can also pay during cell group meetings

b. If you are not member

* You can mail your payment (Payable to FGNYC and on the memo line, please write “children sponsorship.”)

* Address:  Promise Church Sponsorship Dept.

130-30 31st Ave, Flushing, NY 11354

* You can pay through friends you have who are members of Promise Church

(5) How long is the period of sponsorship?
* The usual period of sponsorship depends on how long the education period of each child lasts.  However, if there is an emergency situation where you are not able to make future payments, please give us one month notification in order to find another sponsor.

(6)  How can I get in contact with the child that I am sponsoring?
* We will send you a report card and update once or twice a year.

* If you want to send your child a message, please submit it to the Sponsorship department.  The usual wait for a response to your letter is around 3-4 months.




Deaconess Mikyoung Lim |