Korean Language School

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[/dt_teaser][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Promise Church Korean Language School offers various classes that teach the Korean language and culture so the students to will become great U.S. citizens since it’s foundation in 1982.

  • Principal: Rev. Kim NamSoo
  • Hours: Sunday 1:20-3:00PM
  • Duration: 15 weeks for each semester
  • Registration: Spring (Feb) Fall (Aug)
  • Fee: $120
  • Classes: Korean, History, Music, Drama, Traditional Dance, Samulnori, Orchestra

Administration Chart

Class Teacher   Special Activity Teacher
Faith1 Hyesun Lee Piano Kihyun Park
Faith2 Hyesoo Kwon Children’s song Jungsook Cho
Love1 Jihyun Na Rhythmic Movement Yousun Oh
Love2 Jungeun Lee Dance Yoonah Lee
Joy Lijung Ma Orchestra Myungnam Sung
Peace Eunsook Oh Audio-Visual Jinhee Shin
Patience1 Jiye Na Computer Heejung Jung
Patience2 Sunim Jeon
Mercy Jungju Ko  Administration Teacher
Goodness Bosuk Nam president Namsoo Kim
Faithfulness Yoonhee Choi principal director Junchel Noh
Gentleness Myunghee Kim Secretary Mijung Noh
S.A.T Joungsoo Jeon  Treasurer Insook Shin