Musical ‘His Life’

What is His Life Musical?

His Life Musical depicts the life of Jesus from his birth to ascension in a theatrical or musical genre. It first debuted in Texas and Missouri in 1989; the show performed 13 years until 2002, 39 million people watched. The show received ‘Best Production of the Year’ and ‘Best Male Artist’ from the Dove Award. Its story and arts are highly appreciated—although it contains a Christian message, it was shown two times in Moscow, Russia. New York Times once wrote an appraisal for His Life Musical that its light effects and arts are almost the same as those of Las Vegas, and said it is an effective missional strategy in the Post-modern era.


The Journey of His Life to New York

Bringing His Life to New York City was made possible because Rev. Kim was highly interested in accomplishing missions through the windows of culture.

In 1996, Rev. Kim and his fellow ministers visited Branson, Missouri, watched His Life Musical, and were extremely impressed by the show. Seeing the power of the musical, he questioned, “Why isn’t there such a great biblical musical in New York?” Then he began to think about bringing it into NYC. He made multiple contacts to the His Life team, but he received no answer from them—when he even visited them in person, he was not able to meet the director. However, Rev. Kim did not give up and kept praying about it. After 7 years, one day he received a phone call from His Life team, saying that their contract in Missouri is about to end, so they were looking for another place to play. They remembered a Korean pastor from New York who was interested in the show. It worked out well and they were able to perform the show in Korea in Apr. 2004, and they did it again in Promise Church in Easter season in 2005. 7,000 people watched it although they only played the second part of the entire musical, but they played the entire show at Christmas in the same year. After that, His Life Musical played in Atlanta Campus of Promise Church in 2010, and in 2012 they played in the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York.


Great Tool for the World Missions

Since the His Life Musical was introduced as one of the most effective ways for world missions to children under 15, the show played in two African countries, Ethiopia and Tanzania in 2011, and 100,000 children watched it.

In Jun. 2012, His Life was played in Spanish for the first time in El Salvador, and 35,000 children and their families watched it. Through this we confirmed once again that the power of the gospel abiding in this play transcends nations and languages. In Feb. 2014, the musical played in Colombia in Spanish, another 35,000 children and teenagers watched it with great attention and enthusiasm.